• We are excited about the upcoming season.  If you have not filled out the proper paperwork and turned in a physical, please do so.  Parents interested in joining the booster club need to contact Coach Whiddon.

    Physical Information can be found here: https://www.newcaneyisd.org/Page/11776

    The 2023 Softball Season Schedule is available NOW! Please note, there may be a few changes. 2023 Softball Schedule

    The 2022 Lady Eagles Softball team finished 3rd in the district, qualifying for the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row! We are proud of the hard work and dedication of each of our athletes. 

    District 3rd Place

    Area Qualifier

    New Caney Varsity Team

     (Bottom Row Left to Right: Luna Aranda, Mckenna Rinewalt, Kasen Morkisch, Brianna Moore, Emilee McKee, Jayani Santos, Chey Baudat

    Middle Row Left to Right: Mya Bradshaw, Katie Coogler, Laci Baudat, Clayana Flores, Ferah Tennant, 

    Back Row Left to Right: Makaila LeCompte, Skylar Scott, Ahlana Bruins, Brittany Turner, Kymber Stuard, Kambree Acreman)


    Academic All-District 

    Mya Bradshaw, Kasen Morkisch, Brittany Turner, Laci Baudat, Chey Baudat, Emilee McKee, Mckenna Rinewalt, Kymber Stuard, Makaila LeCompte


    District 20-5A New Comer of the Year

    Skylar Scott


    District 20-5A Defensive Player of the Year

    Kasen Morkisch


    District 20-5A 1st Team All-District 

    Ahlana Bruins, Brianna Moore, Mckenna Rinewalt


    District 20-5A 2nd Team All-District 

    Katie Coogler, Mya Bradshaw, Emilee McKee


    District 20-5A Honorable Mention

    Makaila LeCompte, Brittany Turner


    Montgomery County New Comer of the Year

    Mckenna Rinewalt


    TGCA Acadmic All-State

    Brittany Turner, Chey Baudat, Laci Baudat

    THSCA Academic All-State

    Brittany Turner, Chey Baudat, Laci Baudat  




    The 2021 Lady Eagles Softball team had a very successful year. We are proud of all the hard work and dedication of each girl, and look forward to years of continued success for the program. 

    District Runner-Up

    Area Champions

    Bi-District Champions

    Regional Quaterfinal Qualifier 

    2021 Team Photo

    (Bottom Row Left to Right: Adrianna Ochoa, Chey Baudat, Kasen Morkisch, Savannah Youngblood, Valerie Contreras, Jackie Walters

    Middle Row Left to Right: Laci Baudat, Brianna Moore, Katie Coogler, Makaila LeCompte, Mya Bradshaw, Corigan Beaird

    Back Row Left to Right: Marisella Mendoza, Ahlana Bruins, Brittany Turner, Jaycee Cantrell, Erin Plunkett, Kymber Stuard)



    Academic All-District 

    Brittany Turner, Kasen Morkisch, Adrianna Ochoa,Chey  Baudat, Laci Baudat, Marisella Mendoza,

    Valerie Contreras, Makaila LeCompte, Jacquelyn Walters, Erin Plunkett, Mya Bradshaw,

    Jaycee Cantrell, Savannah Youngblood 


    District 20-5A Defensive Player of the Year

    Erin Plunkett


    District 20-5A 1st Team All-District 

    Ahlana Bruins, Savannah Youngblood, Corigan Beaird, Kasen Morkisch, Katie Coogler


    District 20-5A 2nd Team All-District 

    Mya Bradshaw, Jackie Walters


    District 20-5A Honorable Mention

    Brianna Moore, Marisella Mendoza


    All Montgomery County

    Erin Plunkett


    TGCA Acadmic All-State

    Adrianna Ochoa, Valerie Contraras, Jaycee Cantrell, Erin Plunkett, Savanna Youngblood 


    THSCA Academic All-State

    Valerie Contreras, Jaycee Cantrell, Erin Plunkett, Savannah Youngblood 


    Congrats to our 2022 graduates who signed to play at the next level!! 

    Kasen Morkisch- Alvin Community College

    Kasen Morkisch


     Congrats to our 2021 graduates who signed to play at the next level!! 

    Marisella Mendoza- Southern Arkansas Tech University

    Corigan Beaird- Weatherford College 

    corigan (@coriganbeaird) / Twitter


    Erin Plunkett- McClennan Junior College

    Softball / Home


    Savannah Youngblood- St. Mary's University 

    Savannah Youngblood


    Jackie Walters- Coffeeville College

    Jackie Walters


    Congrats to our 2020 graduates who signed to play at the next level!! 


    Bailee Weaver- Tyler Junior College

    Bailee Weaver


    Faith Miller- Covenant Christian University

    Faith Miller


    Cassidee Love- University of Texas (Volleyball)

    Cassidee Love


    Congrats to our 2019 graduates who signed to play at the next level!! 


    Lauren Gill- Paris Junior College/University of the Ozarks

    Lauren Gill


    Teralyn Guardado- Lamar University/Arkasas University (Track)


    Congrats to our 2018 graduates who signed to play at the next level!! 


    Kaelin Morkisch- McLennan College/Colorado Christian University



    Fatima Aranda- Hill College 

    Fatima Aranda


    Lady Eagles prior to 2018 who signed to play at the next leve! Proud of the excellet history of New Caney softball. 

    2017       Kora Heine- Navaro Junior College

    2016       Shelby Craig- Trinity Valley Community College

    2016       Heather Davis- Stephen F. Austin University

    2015       Mikayla Castro- Trinity Valley Community College

    2015       Jackie Mouser- Baton Rouge Community College

    2014       Alex Eppinette- Navarro Community College

    2013       Brittney Mussett- Texas A&M International University

    2013       Kate Potter- San Jacinto Community College                

    2010       Taylor Petty- University of Pacific California

    2009       Kaela Prober- Lon Morris College

    2009       Kourtney Babcock- Hill College

    2008       Jessica Clayburg- Texas A&M Kingsville University

    2007       Courtney Gathright Willis - University of Houston - Downtown

    2007       Leann Williams-  Texas Southern University

    2006       Courtney Bridges-Blinn Junior College

    2005       Angela Willis- San Jac Junior College/Galveston Junior College

    2005       Amanda Alexander Turner- Galveston College

    2005       Kimberly Smith-  Galveston College

    2005       Patricia O'neil-    Galveston College

    2003       Carla Buik- University of Houston

    2003       Debra Boles Lawson- Stephen F. Austin University

    2002       Jessica Wright Hammond- Howard Payne University

    1998       Michelle Orman-  Lon Morris

    1998       Katie Trout-  McNeese State University

    1998       Shea Gaskins-  Blinn Community College

    1998       Fawn Maddux-  Oklahoma Christian University

    1994       Carrie Springer Inglis- Kansas Weslyan

    1994       Cathy Cunningham-  Universtiy of Texas San Antonio

    1994       Brandy Arthur Robles- University of North Carolina

    1994       LaTonya Maddux Dorsey-  Texas Lutheran University

    1993       Amy Vosburg Wallace-  Houston Baptist University

    1993       Bridgett Dean Heine-  University of Texas Arlington

    1992       Lisa Vosburg Galloway- Southeastern Louisiana

    1992       Kellye Gaskins Meador-  University of Texas Arlington

    1992       Tracy Keller Cantu- University of Texas Arlington

    1992       Kim Maddux Loving-   Texas Lutheran University

    1991       Kim Roach Farnsworth- Southwest Texas University

    1990       DeDe Tolbert-  Ranger College

    1990       Kristy  Davis-   Ranger College

    1990       Kristy Risner-  Centenary College

    1990       Kelly Cope-  Northwest Louisiana

    1990       Jennifer Combs- Blinn Junior College

    1990       Donna Krolczyk- Centenary College of Louisiana

    1988       Debbie McDonald- St. Edwards University



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