• Learning Resources


      Students, please use Clever for more resources.



      BookFlix is a collection on online fiction and non-fiction books from Scholastic.  




      A collection of audiobooks that highlights text when read.

    • Destiny Catalog

      Follett's Destiny is Kings Manor's online library catalog. 

    • EBSCO

      EBSCO is an online research service.

    • I-station

      Istation Reading is a comprehensive computer-based reading intervention program.

    • Pearson Math

      Pearson Math is the math curriculum adopted by NCISD.

    • StemScopes

      StemScopes is the online science curriculum for PreK-12 adopted by NCISD.

    • Think Through Math


      Think Through Math is high-quality instruction and interventions that match students’ learning needs. 
    • World Book Online


      World Book Online is a digital encyclopedia.