• I would like to take the opportunity to welcome everyone to White Oak Middle School. Whether you are a new student just enrolling or a returning student from last year, we are excited about the new school year. There have been several changes in the staff and the entire school setup that have taken place over the summer. I am certain that this school year will be one of the best ones yet!    


    The education of your child is something that the entire staff takes seriously. Teachers, principals, support staff, and parents must all work together to ensure that your child receives  the best education possible. I will have an open door policy for all parties to make sure the lines of communication are always available. The school and parents  must be united for the success of every student.


    White Oak Middle School will have a large variety of electives for your child’s participation. I highly recommend that you guide them in the choices that they make. Involvement in extracurricular activities will enhance your student’s educational years in middle school and will give them an advantage in their future education.  


    I look forward to meeting new faces and seeing familiar ones this year! As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  



    Everett Simons