Ms. Hames

Phone: 281-577-8800


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Ed. OU Science certification OK and TX Generalist EC-6 OK, EC-4 TX Art Certification EC-12 ESL Cert EC-4

Ms. Hames

I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1995 with a degree in education.  Knowing that more science would be needed to teach science, I continued taking classes wherever I could find one. I liked the idea of adding to my background.  Learning is ongoing for me. So While I was in college one way that I would relax is in a creative mode, such as drawing, painting, even cross-stitch.  This was another area of interest for, again education continues.  I added art to my teaching repertoire.  And, it does not stop there:  I learn every day in life and that often includes learning from my students.  Teaching is second nature to me and is something that I enjoy.  If you are a student who will be in my class, please know that I look forward to meeting you.  It is going to be a great year at WOMS-- bring a pencil :)


This year I will be teaching Ceramics and Beginning Art courses.  Each class has a fee that is due before January 23rd-- the fee directly pays for the supplies used for class assignments.

Schedule:  1st period--(Beginning Art) 8:30-10:00

                2nd period--(conference) 10:05-11:30

                3rd period--(Begining Art)  12:10-1:40

                4th period--(meets daily)  1:45-2:30

                5th period--(Beginning Art) 2:35-4:05

B-days      6th period--(Beginning Art) 8:30-10:00

                7th period--(Beginning Art) 10:05-11:35

                8th period--(Conference)  12:10-1:40

                9th period--(Beginning Art) 1:45-2:30

               10th period--(Ceramics)  2:35-4:05