Ms. Galbreath



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Galbreath

7th and 8th Grade Math

I am an Alumni of Sam Houston State University (Go Bearkats!) where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and minored in Middle School Mathematics Education.

As far as being a teacher -- I LOVE WHAT I DO!  By teaching 7th and 8th grade I have the privilege of watching children grow into young adults.  I am always amazed at how many inches a student will grow their 8th grade year. By teaching math I have the honor of introducing a large group of humans to the concept of reasoning and logic through math.

I have an open door policy; anytime a parent wants to meet or come to the classroom they are welcome.   If you, as a parent, ever need to contact me please feel free.


 Here are just a few words from previous students:

"I always thought math was boring in general and I was never really great at it but when I saw I was placed into p/ap math I was extremely confused (mostly because I never turn in homework) and i was scared I got a mean teacher that would kick me out, but I got the complete opposite. I got the best teacher in the school as my math teacher and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher (pls don't cry)"

"well you should know that you are a great teacher and you helped me alot because at the beginning of the year i didn't even like math and now i do well. ;) "

"You made it Pretty smooth, Like, You didn't throw a lot of information to us all at once, Because that`s how my 7th Grade year worked out, and I didn't learn anything that year because of that. -Joshua M."

"My math ability has definitely increased from being in your class. I have learned things quicker and been able to make higher grades on test."  

"My 8th grade year of math was excellent having a teacher like Ms.G shes a teacher that's willing to take hours out of her day to help you if you are not understanding something."