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    On this website, you should be able to find everything you need to know about the Porter High School Choir program. All documents and forms will be downloaded through this website or e-mailed to you directly. We will not photocopy and hand out many items in class, so please visit back here frequently and use it as an information resource.


    The calendar is set in August. As changes occur, it will be updated. Students are required to know this calendar and their choir obligations on it. The calendar page is a reliable place to go for dates of rehearsals, concerts, programs, and any choir events.


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    A Day


     Period 1- Spartan Women             8:20-9:45 (1h, 30m)


     Period 2- Spartan Chorale             9:50-11:20 (1h, 30m)


    Period 3- Conference/Lunch          11:25-1:25 (2h)


     Period 4- Men's Choir                   1:30-2:15 (45m)


     Period 5- Treble Choir A               2:20-3:50 (1h, 30m)


     B Day


     Period 6- Spartan Women             8:20-9:45 (1h, 30m)


     Period 7- Spartan Chorale             9:50-11:20 (1h, 30m)


    Period 8- Treble Choir B/Lunch       11:25-1:25 (2h)


     Period 9- Men's Choir                   1:30-2:15 (45m)


     Period 10- Conference                  2:20-3:50 (1h, 30m)