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    Welcome to Porter High School Learning Media Center (LMC)

    The library is no longer merely a depository for books, but has become the learning center of the school. According to New Caney ISD Media Centers Procedural Manual 2014-15, "the image of the public school library has changed significantly in recent years.  This change is a result of an explosion of knowledge, a progress in learning technology, an emphasis on independent study, a reformulation of what is taught and learned, and a drive for excellence and quality in the nation’s schools. The role of the library as a media center and as the pulse of the instructional program has caused an expansion in the services and a revolution in the function of the facility."

    At Porter High School, the Learning Media Center (LMC) is transitioning to the 21st century model for public school libraries. Books have been consolidated and organized in bookstore style, making more room for community areas, computers, quiet nooks, and inspiring décor. Our vision is to create a learning environment that fosters collaboration, communication, innovation, and technology skills. These skills are in high demand in the 21st century workplace. As the Media Specialist at PHS, it is my express desire to empower students and staff with resources to support curriculum, self-education, pleasure, and enrichment. I aim to create an intimate atmosphere that will arouse interest and encourage learning. I am passionate about my service duties to faculty members. I will support, implement, and enrich curriculum, as well as, provide assistance integrating technology.


     Lisa Herr M.Ed.
    Learning Media Specialist
    281-577-5900, ext. 5638
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