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TLC Rules & Procedures


Orientation will be held for students assigned to the New Caney ISD Discipline Program. During this presentation, The Learning Center's procedures, expectations, and consequences are explained. Orientations are held Monday - Friday at 8:30 a.m. at The Learning Center campus. A parent or legal guardian must accompany their child for orientation. Parent or guardian must call 281-577-2850 to confirm orientation appointment.


Students will continue their core courses with the instruction of The Learning Center's certified teachers. Elective courses will be monitored during the student's placement.

Dress Code

  • Shirts-White or black size appropriate collared (polo style or button down). Students may add a solid white or black sweatshirt to wear over the collared shirt. No hoodies.
  • Pants-Khaki color uniform pants in the appropriate size. No oversized, tight fitting, cargo pants, capri pants, yoga pants, jeans, or jeggings are allowed.
  • Shoes-Must have a hard sole with a closed toe and back. No boots, slides, crocks, or flip flops allowed.
  • Belt-Solid, plain black/brown with small buckle.
  • Facial Hair-Must be neatly groomed and a natural hair color.
  • Makeup-Must be kept to a minimum. No excessively long or artificial/acrylic nails are allowed. False eyelashes are not allowed.
  • Accessories - No backpacks, purses, wallets , or jewelry allowed. No electronics or cellphones allowed. All tattoos must be covered.