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New Caney ISD welcomes partnerships with businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to share their time, talent and resources to enrich the lives of students. The district is committed to forming long term relationships in the community and values its many partners for their support of our students, teachers, and schools. 

District Partners

District partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships between the corporate sector and the district that support student achievement and district/campus goals. Partnerships are on-going, dynamic and rewarding for everyone involved. They help enrich the lives of students and staff, which is not only good for the community, but also good for businesses. Quality schools impact businesses by helping to attract new residents and industry to East Montgomery County. Strong relationships between schools and businesses help develop a sense of community pride and enhance employee morale.

Partnership opportunities include: volunteering, serving as a guest speaker, supporting schools with donations of goods or services, sponsoring district events and much more. When you are ready to make a positive impact on your community, contact Grant Pappas at 281-577-8600 to design a partnership opportunity.

Athletic Sponsorships

The athletic department has put together a sponsorship program that not only supports our student programs but also provides companies with valuable marketing opportunities. For more information, visit the NCISD Athletic Department or contact Jennifer Morgan at 281-577-8630.


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Discounts for Employees

Businesses may share discounts for employees on the district's internal website. 

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