• Pre-K In-Person Instruction Schedule 2020/2021 

    (Attendance 9:30)

    6:45-7:30      Breakfast in Cafeteria 

    A paras will be monitoring in each hallway directing students to the cafeteria to meet their homeroom teacher in the lunch line. 

    7:30-8:00       Wash hands, Bathroom Break, Sign-in and Soft Start

    8:00-8:20        Circle Time #1 (Social Emotional)


     8:25-8:40         Recess

    8:40-8:50          Washing Hands/bathroom/water

    9:00-9:30           Circle time #2 (Social Studies, Language Arts)


    9:35-10:15           Stations (Math and Language Art Small Group)

    10:20-10:30        Prepare for Lunch (Wash Hands, Bathroom Break)

    10:30-11:00         Lunch

    11:00-11:15         Recess (Play Ground/Garden Area)


    11:15-11:30        Wash hands, bathroom, prepare to rest

    11:30-12:20       Quiet Time 

    12:20-12:40        Circle Time #3

    12:45-1:40         Free centers/small group

    1:45-2:00          Snack (Bathroom, Wash Hands)

    2:05-2:25            Circle Time #4 (Whole Group Math)

    2:25-2:40           Recess-Washing hands/ restroom

    2:40-3:00          Dismissal





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Daily Schedule