• Class Schedule

    6:45-7:25 Arrival, breakfast, read quietly in hall

    7:25-7:30 Enter room, announcements, morning meeting

    7:30-9:40 RELA/SS* Block I (Homeroom)

    9:40-10:25 Koala Time

    10:25-11:20 Specials

    11:25-11:55 Lunch

    11:55-12:25 Recess

    12:25-12:30 Restroom break

    12:30-12:35 Pack to switch classes

    12:35 Switch with Mrs. Maraffa’s class

    12:35-2:45 RELA/SS*  Block II (Mrs. Maraffa’s Homeroom)

    2:45-2:50 Pack to switch classes

    2:50-2:55 Switch back to homeroom for dismissal

    3:00 Dismissal

    *SS is integrated into reading and writing.


  • Specials Schedule

    A: Music

    B: Computer

    C: PE

    D: Art

    E: Library

    F: PE