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  • Auto Tech:

    In our Principles class, Auto Basics, the students learn the basic fundamentals of vehicle systems, industry certifications, an overview of industry function, employment possibilities in the industry, interpersonal communications with customers, supply chain, pay systems, shop operations, and much more. We will touch on precision measuring, theory of operation, parts procurement, vehicle maintenance plans and services, etc.
    Small Engine Technology is a class focused on outdoor power equipment from string trimmers to tractors. In this class students are expected to learn about engine theory and the repair of engines. Students are expected to gain knowledge of tools, measuring, calculating various math equations, take measurements, complete Briggs & Stratton technician training, and finally leave with a Briggs & Stratton Certification Status of "Master Service Technician". The students will use the knowledge gained from the certification training to diagnose and repair outdoor power equipment belonging to members of the community. The certification training requires a great deal of individual dedication and commitment. The certification requires a high level of reading skill and comprehension. 
    Automotive Technology has a wider scope and builds on what the students have learned in Automotive Basics. It's a class where we start to apply the skills already learned and expand on them in an environment that operates like an automotive shop out in the industry. Students will be expected to have a basic knowledge of tools and their use. Students will be expected to perform repairs on "live" projects. This requires a high level of ethics, and responsibility. Students are expected to read service information that is very heavy in content specific vocabulary so a high level of reading skill is required. Students will be expected to perform complex math calculations for electrical circuitry and mechanical measurements and clearances. Students will start to use their knowledge of vehicle systems to service, diagnose, and repair vehicles that belong to members of the community.  
    In Advanced Automotive Technology the students carry the majority of responsibility of leadership. Students at this level are expected to have a very professional attitude and should behave in a manor expected at any place of employment. Students will be expected to use advanced diagnostic methods to isolate faults on vehicles, perform severe repairs, verify the repairs of the lower classmen, carry the brunt of leadership in Skills USA. Students will be expected to expand their skill sets in automotive related reading, writing, and math. Students will be expected to be actively engaged with ASE Entry Level Certification training. Students are expected to achieve at least 1 ASE Entry Level Certification before they graduate. 
    Skills USA is an after hours opportunity to grow in additional ways. Skills USA is an organization focusing on conditioning students from middle school through college for the pressures and expectations of life. Skills USA is widely known and carries a large amount of weight in our industry. Skills USA provides opportunities for students to perform leadership roles, enter projects to be scored by industry professionals, compete against other students for the chance to win scholarships and other great offers from industry partners. Quite often students that win at Skills USA State and especially National competitions get job offers from employers all over the US. Skills USA is a third-party organization that requires membership dues and in order to participate there must be student elected officers and we must hold a minimum of one meeting a month. My part in this is to guide and advise but it's the student's responsibility to lead and make the final decisions at the meetings. Students will be expected to organize fund raisers (to compete and travel) and organize community service projects. 

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