• Every year I hear parents say that math has changed so much since they were in school.  They want to help their students, but often do not understand exactly what we are asking them to do.  This results in lots of frustration and lots of lost time. I have put together an overview of each topic that I hope will help to reduce the frustration.  I have included a small explanation of what your student is responsible for and tried to put pictures where I could. I also included examples of the type of problems your student could be responsible for.  There is a list of helpful vocabulary at the end of each topic. Your student should have knowledge and be able to explain each of those vocabulary words.


    On the menu to the left, there is a link for some of the common math terms. These will be most helpful for students in 3rd-5th grade. Click on the words Glossary of Terms on the left to access some common math vocabulary.


    Click on the words Addition and Subtraction below to access the topic overview.

    3rd Grade Addition and Subtraction


    Click on the words Multiplication and Division below to access the topic overview.

    3rd Grade Multiplication and Division


    Click on the words Place Value below to access the topic overview.

    3rd Grade Place Value