• 2017-18

    Insanity of Mary Girard

    In costume

    The Insanity of Mary Girard has a cast and crew in it that has made One Act History here at NCHS. NO one has ever gotten to the bi-district level. We are beyond proud of these students and we can not wait to see the excellence that will continue to come from the Mighty Eagle Thespians.

    Last time

    ^Congratulations to the Cast for Making HISTORY and comepting in Bi-District:

    Indivdual Awards went to:

    George Sawyer- All Star Tech

    Edgar Solis- All Star Cast Honerable Mention

    Meghan Ferrell -All Star Cast

    2nd time

    ^Congratulations to the Cast for Advancing from District:

    Indivdual Awards went to:

    Kari Smithson- All Star Tech

    Desiree Pashia- All Star Cast Honerable Mention

    Edgar Solis- All Star Cast

    Meghan Ferrell- Best Actress

    1st time

    Cast List:

    Mary Girard- Meghan Ferrell

    The Warder- Edgar Solis

    Mrs. Lum-  Aubrie Willis

    Stephen Girard- Adam Bowers

    Mr. Phillips- Caleb Lynchard

    Polly Kenton- Desiree Pashia

    Fury 1 Child-  Edgar Solis (green)

    Fury 2 Delusions of Grandeur- Kayla Doyle (blue)

    Fury 3 OCD- Shannan Roberts (purple)

    Fury 4 Catatonic-  Meg Thompson (orange)

    Fury 5 Hysteric-Nadia Charlot (red)


    Jackie- Polly Kenton

    Christine Price

    Brittany Greer




    Sound- Leyah Gardenhi

    Lights- George Sawyer and Kari Smithson

    Stage Manager- Trevor Wilson