• 2016-17


    Medea in costume

    This was the best One Act NCHS has seen yet! With awards in All Star Cast: Meghan Ferrell, Shelbye Doyen, Nadia Charlot, and Megan Thompson. Honerable mention: Leah Bellamy, Aubrie Willis, and Kaitlyn Perez. All Star Tech George Sawyer. We are very proud of this awesome show you put on!

    Medea Cast list


    Medea- Meghan Ferrell

    Nurse- Shannan Roberts

    Glauce- Jackie Guerra

    Greek Chorus leader- Leah Bellamy (pregnant)

    Greek Chorus (2)- Aubrie Willis (Newly wed), Katelyn Perez(widow)

    Savage Chorus/Medea’s Chorus Leader- Nadia Charlot(Want for Revenge/Cunning)

    Savage Chorus (2)- Megan Thompson (Love for Jason), Shelbye Doyen (Love for children)

    Jason- Edgar Solis

    Aegeus- Stephen Hunt

    Soldier- Michael Dowell


    Lights- George Sawyer-Specialty Lights, Kari Smithson- Stage lighting

    Sound-Trevor Wilson

    Set- Steven Beristain

    Stage Manager- Trevor Wilson and Shelbye Doyen

    Understudies: Austin Brown, Dustin Whitaker, Kaymon Freeman, Nora Botello

    Awards Awards Awards