Ms. Mouser's Class Rules

    1. Be respectful
    2. Act responsibly 
    3. Always give your best
    4. Follow directions the first time given
    5. Have a positive attitude


    Discipline Policy:

    In the classroom we have a color card system. We use 4 different colors: green, yellow, orange and red. This system is in place to help students realize that certain actions have consequences. Each student will start the day on green. If the student makes a choice that requires a color change they will lose privileges. 

    Each day, inside your child's 'Travel Folder', you will find a behavior calendar with their color and a note of the choice(s) your child made. 

    Please sign the 'Travel Folder' each night and return it the following day.

    We will also be using Class Dojo to keep track of your child's positive and not so positive choices. 

    Thank you for your continued support in helping us grow your child.