• NCISD Policy 2018-2019

    Here at Brookwood Forest we want to make sure your students have the best educational experience possible both at school and at home.  This year we will be implementing a NO HOMEWORK policy.  

    Daily Reading at home-

    Research has proven that the more time children spend with their eyes on texts the more they develop as readers and build their academic vocabulary.  Whether you read orally to them or they read to you, this is proven to increase literacy development.  We do have a no homework policy, however daily reading response log is not considered homework.  Students are still expected to complete a weekly Reading Response Log every Monday through Thursday.  I will be checking the logs on Fridays.  The students are expected to read 15 minutes per day and to fill out their reading response log folder.  Of course, students may choose to read longer if they like.

    Please make sure to check Class dojo where I will communicate to you the specific reading and math skills your child will be working on each week.  I try to always include help tips for home.  This is also the quickest and easiest way to see how your child's behavior is for that day, see photos of what is going on in our classroom, and to communicate with me via message!  Please let me know if you have any questions.   I am here to help your child succeed!