Daily Schedule

  • *Note:  Amount of minutes are approximate and tentative to change due to lessons.

     7:10-7:30     Arrival/ Warm Up/ Announcements

     7:35-8:05     Fast Forward

     8:05-9:40     Balanced Literacy: (90 min.)

    Go over warm-up (10min.)

    CHAMPS, Objectives, Phonics (15 min)

    Whole Group Mini-Lesson/Direct Instruction (10 min.)

    Independent Reading/Reading Response/Compliment Conferences (30min.)

    Share Time: Book and Text Talks (5 min.)

    9:20-9:35      Restroom break and optional recess/”go noodle” for good behavior)

    9:40-10:10    Writing Workshop: (30 min. including recess)

    CHAMPS, Objectives, Grammar (10 min.)

    Writing (20 min.)10:10-10:35   Balanced Numeracy (90 min. total)/ Warm- Up

    10:40-11:30  Specials

    11:30-12:00  Lunch Time

    12:00-12:30  Recess

    12:30-1:15    Bear Time: Small group intervention; guided reading

    1:15-2:10      Balanced Numeracy: 

                          (1:40-2:10-Math Stations/Small Group)

    2:10-2:40      Science/Social Studies (30 min.)

    2:40-2:45      Prepare for dismissal

    2:45-2:55      Read Aloud