Sports Medicine Infromation

  • Treatment Times

    •  6:30 AM-8:15AM 

      During Athletic Periods


      Immediately After practices and games.

      Or by appointment


    Asthma and Allergies

    •  Student athletes with asthma, life threatening allergies, epilepsy or other condition requiring emergency medication or special instruction from a physician should contact the athletic trainer with this information. It is our priority to make sure that all student athletes are participating safely and if an emergency happens we will be able to provide the necessary care. Also please see the school nurse for paperwork that allows school staff to administer medication and/or allow the student to carry medication on their person. Any medications that my need medication may store it in the Athletic Training Room in our locked medicine cabinet


    Athletic Training Facility Rules

    1. Athletes will report injuries as soon as possible to the athletic trainer. If you have gone to the doctor you need to bring a Doctor's Note with diagnosis, restrictions, and permited activity (for example-if you have a broken finger you should still be able to run and do core strengthening activities).

    2. Cleats, pads and other equipment are not permitted in the athletic training room(ATR).

    3. After practice, athletes must shower and dry off before coming into the athletic training room.

    4. Do not dress, undress or change clothes in the ATR.

    5. All athletes must be clothed in gym shorts and T-shirts for treatment.

    6. The athletic training room is not a “lounge.”

    7.Nothing is to be taken from the ATR without permission.

    8. “Horseplay” and foul language will not be tolerated.

    9. Drinks, food and gum are not permitted in the athletic training room.

    10. Return all crutches, wraps, braces and pads that have been issued to you.

    11. Do not bring shoes, books, purses, coats and other items into the athletic training room.

    12. Students are not allowed to leave an academic class for treatment unless the problem is preventing you from learning.(Teacher must call AT first)

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