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  • New Caney ISD is taking an approach to the 2019-20 academic calendar that will more evenly distribute breaks throughout the school year and provide a better balance between instructional time and time away from school for students and staff.

    Features of the proposed calendar include:

    • School would start the second Monday in August
    • There would be an additional 5-day break in the fall semester and an additional 5-day break in the spring semester
    • The 2-week break in December would remain as traditionally scheduled
    • The first semester’s instructional calendar would end by the December break
    • Graduation will occur before Memorial Day with all students ending school before the first week of June

    Multi-day breaks are scheduled for:

    • October 14-18
    • November 25-29 (Thanksgiving week)
    • December 23 – January 6
    • February 17-21
    • March 30 – April 3


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