VGo Robot Program

  • What is the VGo Program?
    When you get a case of the sniffles, you can usually still make it to work as long as you aren’t contagious. When you stayed up too late the night before or if you just have a case of the “I hate Mondays, ” you can and probably should, still go to work too. Now pull a Mr. Rogers move and put on a different set of shoes. You are a New Caney ISD student with a life threatening disease or you have had major surgery or maybe your immune system has been compromised due to disease, treatments or the recovery process. You want to go to school, that’s where all of your friends are, and you think going to class really isn’t that bad. For students wearing these shoes, going to school looks very different. A certified teacher meets with you for four hours a week at home. Wow, only four hours? You miss all of your friends, but sitting in class isn’t an option. So what is a better solution? Region VI’s VGo robots!

    At the beginning of the 2013 school year, New Caney received the first VGo robot in the classroom. By the end of the school year we had four in our district making the lives of students much richer through a joint effort of Region VI, the New Caney ISD Homebound program, the New Caney ISD Digital Learning Team and the Department of Technology.

    How does the VGo robot work in the classroom?
    The robot is completely controlled by the student’s home computer and goes to the student’s classes with the aid of a student spotter who walks the robot from class to class. The homebound student benefits from the lecture and the socialization process while still being a part of regular school life. Because of doctor visits or treatments, the Homebound teacher still meets with the student four hours a week. What a great hybrid program!

  • Additional Information

    If you qualify for homebound services and would like more information regarding the VGo program, please use the contact information below. Requests can only be made through the district personnel listed below.

    Trena Samford
    1:1 Program Manager