Energy Cost Avoidance Program

  • Our district goal to conserve energy, save money and preserve the environment is based on a Cost Avoidance Program.

    We research and implement ways to conserve energy through optimizing building run times and eliminating areas where energy is wasted. This will always be a work in progress due to the variables each individual building presents.

    The way we measure our success is through the Energy CAP computer program. We track each meter for each building and analyze usage.

    A Cost Avoidance Program basically assesses the cost we would have spent according to the current utility rates and compares usage to a baseline year. The baseline year is the previous 12 months from the date our contract was signed with Cenergistic (Formerly Energy Education). We signed our Contract in May 2010. 

    Our program gets 4 months of "Fast Track Savings" which is just a training period for the Energy Education Specialist. Our 1st Performance Year (PY1) started in September 2010 and ended on August 31, 2011. 

    Energy Program Results

    • Savings 1st year - $592,405 = 20.6%
    • Savings 2nd year - $750,026 = 22.8%
    • Savings 3rd year - $690,715 = 21.8%
    • Savings 4th year - $878,245 = 23.8%
    • Savings 5th year - $882,302 = 24.0%
    • Savings 6th year - $854,227 = 22.3% 
    • Savings 7th year - $888,804  =  21.1%