Comfort Issues

  • Whenever there are comfort issues in a classroom or school, there is protocol in place to be able to report it in a manner that will allow Operations to systematically investigate each situation according to the severity of the issue. Each campus has been equipped with their own infrared thermometer in order to collect room temperatures for areas of the building that are having comfort issues.

    Ideally, the best method for solving a comfort issue would be to follow these steps:

    1. Teacher/Professional/Custodian notifies the designated personnel about a comfort issue
    2. Designated personnel from each campus sends someone to collect temperatures in the room using the infrared thermometer. Two temperatures are necessary: Room temperature at the sensor and Vent temperature.
    3. Designated Personnel will send an email to (Before 3:00 pm) stating the comfort issue, room number/location and collected temperatures.
    4. Maintenance receives the comfort issue and will review the energy management system for errors.
    5. If the issue is not solved through the energy management system, the Maintenance Dept will send someone to investigate at the site.

    This process will provide Maintenance and Operations key components that are necessary to diagnosing and solving any mechanical or setting issues with the system. Failure to follow the steps slows the process down. Please use the provided infrared thermometer to confirm that there is a comfort issue before sending an email.