Energy Policy and Guidelines

  • Our Energy Policy and Energy Use Guidelines is a more in-depth look at the expectations for the environment in the classrooms. These guidelines were approved by the board in the summer of 2010. The attachments include the full Energy Policy and Guidelines as well as an abbreviated version that pertains to settings in the class rooms. Here is some information from the guidelines:

    The teacher/staff member is responsible for implementing the guidelines during the time that he/she is present in the classroom/office.

    The custodian is responsible for control of common areas; halls, restrooms, cafeteria, etc.

    The principal/site administrator is responsible for the total energy usage of his/her site.

    The energy education specialist maintains accurate utility records of each site and performs routine audits of all facilities and communicates the audit results to the appropriate personnel.

    • Teacher should make sure that lights are off when leaving the classroom.
    • Gym, Cafeteria, and Auditorium Lights should be off unless occupied.
    • Thermostat cooling set points should not be set lower than 74 degree.
    • Thermostats for heating set points are 68 degrees. 

    All classroom computers and peripheral equipment should be off when not in use.

    Unoccupied Building - Any building in which majority of the population (students) is NOT present.

    Occupied Building - Any building in which majority of the population is present.