Mapping Academic & Personal Success

    Personal Financial Litercy

    First Semester: MAPS

                    First Nine Weeks: 

    Learning Styles / True Colors / Study Skills

    Organize HS Portfolios / Character Education

                   Second Nine Weeks:

    Discipline / Time Management / Attitude / Resiliency

    Careers / Character Development (add in elements of Organization for new students)                           

    Second Semester: PFL

                    Third Nine Weeks:

    Getting Smart with your MONEY Smart              

                    Fourth Nine Weeks:

     Understanding the Economy, Financial Markets and Investing your MONEY!


    Grading Policy:

    Your Daily Grade will count 40% of your total average.  This will include journal entries, participation in class activities, small class projects and being prepared each day for class.  There will be few out of class activities, and will be counted as Daily Grades also.

    Your Major Grade will count 60% of your total average.  This will include tests, major projects, presentations or writings.  Topics will be assigned.  You will need to keep a Core Class digital folder or three-ring binder. There will be a weekly content check on a designated day each week.  This will also serve as a Major Grade.

    Your Exam in MAPS will be given during “Finals Week” of each semester and will be in the format of short answer and essay questions relating to topics covered throughout the semester.


    Dear Students and Parents:

    Welcome to MAPS (Mapping Academic and Personal Success) and PFL (Personal Financial Literacy)!  I hope you are looking forward to an exciting and challenging year.  The following will help you understand how this course will operate.

    Students are expected to abide by all school rules including (but not limited to) no snacks, gum, or drinks in class. Water is excitable. My biggest concerns will be the rules relating to tardiness, off-task behavior, not completing classroom work, and most importantly the proper treatment of others.

    Tardiness:  You are expected to be in the room when the tardy bell rings.  We follow our school’s policy for Tardiness.

    Off-Task Behavior:  During the allotted study times, you are expected to be focused on your own work.  You will be allowed to use your Chrome Books/device to complete projects/work.  You may also be allowed to work in study groups to review for tests or quizzes.  Each student must complete their own individual assignments.

    Respect for Others:  As your teachers, we will treat you with the respect that you as young adults deserve.  We also expect you to treat your fellow classmates and us with respect at all times.  Disrespect will result in immediate disciplinary action, according to our school’s policy.

    Technology Usage Ear buds/headphones, cell phones, computers, and Chromebooks will be allowed only when there is a “GREEN” on the board or verbally given by me. This will usually be during independent work time. 

    I will be following “Red”, “Yellow”, and “Green” with technology usage.  RED no usage of technology, YELLOW only the use of Chromebooks, and GREEN as previously stated above. I feel this is a great way to help improve the learning process.


    1st violation - verbal warning

    2nd violation - verbal warning and placed on teacher desk till end of period

    3rd violation -  teacher detention and placed on teacher desk till end of period

    4th violation - taken up and given to principal and ever violation after

    Note to Parents:  If you have any questions about your student’s grades or concerns with his/her progress in any class, please contact their teacher.  We can work together to make sure your child stays on track.  Communication is crucial in order for us to work together in helping each student be successful.

    If you have any questions concerning your son or daughter’s progress, please call 281-577-5900 Ext. 5722

    Thank you, we are looking forward to a great school year,


    Coach Reid -  treid@newcaneyisd.org