• Porter High School-Physical Education Department

    Guidelines and Expectations


    Required Course – Two Semesters


    Textbook: None


    1. Course Description:

                Students will acquire knowledge and skills as well as good sportsmanship while participating in the following classes:


                 Individual Sports

                Team Sports

                Outdoor Education


    1. Course Goals:
    2. Students will acquire knowledge and skills related to each individual course.
    3. To develop and reinforce the incorporation of physical activities into a life style beyond high school.


    1. Instructional Philosophy:
    2. Students will be expected to attend class every day.
    3. Students will be expected to be on time to class each day.
    4. Every student will be expected to dress out and participate daily in activities that require them to interact with each other, implementing good sportsmanship.
    5. Basic skills will be reviewed and performed in team/individual activities.
    6. Rules will be discussed and implemented for appropriate activity.
    7. Appropriate hygiene will be expected from all students.


    1. Course Outline:
    2. Each unit will last approximately 2-3 weeks.
    3. Written tests will be administered for each sport/activity covered.


    1. Grading/Expectations/Evaluation
    2. 60% test grades / 40% daily grades
    3. There will be a daily grade. This grade will be determined by dressing out and participation.
    4. Dressing out - 50 points
    5. Participation - 50 points (Students will be required to participate daily to the best of their ability)
    6. Inappropriate dress will result in deduction of points
    7. Tests - Skills test or a written test
    8. Grades will be averaged together for a final grade
    9. Three days of not dressing during a 9-week grading period will be a referral.




    1. Make-up Policy:
    2. If you are absent on the day of a written test, you will take the test on the next available day.
    3. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for test make-up.


    1. Tutoring Time:

                Contact your instructor for tutoring time.


    1. Gym Guidelines:
    2. All school rules and policies addressed in the student handbook will be enforced.
    3. Dressing out is mandatory. If you are sick, you are still required to dress out.
    4. If you are sick, a parent note will be accepted for two days, after which you will need a doctor’s note.
    5. Food, drinks, candy, and gum are not allowed.
    6. Be prepared. Always bring your PE clothes to class. Lockers and showers will be provided.
    7. Students are required to have student ID's in their possession.


    1. Supplies:
    2. Students are required to wear black shorts and either a red or white tee shirt.
    3. Socks and tennis shoes
    4. Towel for showers (with name optional)


    Make your life a healthy one!


    Girls' coaches:   Coach Bell  E-mail: agober@newcaneyisd.org

                                Coach Mosser  E-mail:  hmosser@newcaneyisd.org


    PE Office phone:  281-577-5900 (ext.5726)


    Boys' Coaches: Coach Ralph E-mail: wralph@newcaneyisd.org

                              Coach McDougald  E-mail: cmcdougald@newcaneyisd.org

    Partners’ PE     Coach Bloom E-mail: rbloom@newcaneyisd.org

                             Coach Krukiel       Email: bkrukiel@newcaneyisd.org




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