Head Lice

  • Students with live head lice and/or nits will be excluded from school and re-admitted to school based on the following criteria:

    1. Parent or guardian accompanies the student to school the next school day for a head re-check by the school nurse or other designated staff member,
    2. Student has been treated with an FDA-approved medicated shampoo/lotion treatment, and
    3. No presences of live lice or nits remain.

    Your child will accrue unexcused absences for each day they are absent with head lice and have not been brought to the school nurse for a re-check.  The School Nurse is encouraged to conduct a 7 day follow up in order to confirm re-infestation has not occurred.

    For elementary students, when a new lice infestation is identified by clinic personnel, notice including recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the treatment and prevention of lice will be disseminated to the parent of the student(s) with the infestation and all parents of the children assigned to the classroom in accordance with state law.

    As per the American Academy of Pediatrics and The National Association of School Nurses, massive screening is not recommended and will not be performed.  More information on head lice can be obtained from the Department of State Health Services, Managing Head Lice or the CDC, Head Lice Control and Prevention.