Diabetes Management

  • Diabetes Care at School

    A student with diabetes who needs treatment or care at school must have a Diabetes Management and Treatment Plan (DMTP) developed by the physician and parent that will be used to develop an Individualized Health Plan. The student will be permitted to possess and use monitoring and treatment supplies and equipment while at school or at school related activities.  In order to self-manage, a student’s DMTP must evaluate if the student is mature enough and has demonstrated the skills to self-manage and be signed by the parent and the physician or healthcare provider. It is recommended that the ability to manage and properly self- administer diabetes medications is demonstrated to the school nurse or school health staff at regular intervals to ensure the student can safely and correctly self-administer their medication and manage their diabetes. School personnel that will be supervising the student during regular school hours, and during school-related extracurricular activities should be informed that the student is self-carrying with the intention to self-administer if necessary. 

    For more information, contact the school nurse.