Additional Programs

  • New Caney ISD has a work-life balance Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

    Our EAP is provided through our Long Term Disability insurance plan and can help you find solutions for the everyday challenges of work and home as well as for more serious issues involving emotional and physical well-being.

    Help is easy to access:

    • Face to face meeting: Meet with a local consultant up to three times per issue for short-term resolution.
    • Telephone consultations: Speak confidentially with a master's level consultant to clarify your need, evaluate options and create an action plan.
    • Educational materials: Receive information through the online library of downloadable materials and interactive tools. 

    Call 888-293-6948 OR 800-327-1833, 24 hour access, or review the EAP Brochure to learn more.


    Beginning Right Maternity Program through TRS ActiveCare: 

    Whether you are thinking about starting a family or you are pregnant now, the Beginning Right Maternity program will provide essential information and even one-on-one support to get off on the right foot. And it’s all free and confidential.

    First, you’ll take the Beginning Right pregnancy risk survey to find potential risk factors that could affect your pregnancy. If your results show that you have an elevated risk level, our nurses will work directly with you to discuss helpful next steps.

    Join as soon as you know you’re pregnant and get these extra perks:

    • Knowledge, straight to your mailbox. Get educated on prenatal care, labor and delivery, as well as immunization schedules.
    • Free copy of Mayo Clinic’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy when you sign up and complete the pregnancy risk survey by your 16th week. This book features important milestones, health information and tips to help you better manage your pregnancy and care for your newborn.
    • Information for dads and partners. Help them get ready for baby, too!
    • Access to the nicotine-free, Smoke-Free Moms-to-Be® program. Get materials and support from one of our nurses to help you quit using tobacco for good.

    To participate or learn more about the program, call toll-free 1-800-CRADLE1 (1-800-272-3531 ), or log in to Aetna Navigator and look under "Health Programs."

    View the "Starting a family" flyer to learn more! 


    Aetna/TRS Wellness Programs:

    Aetna wellness programs help you and your family reach your goals, and provide personal support for special needs and conditions. Learn more about these programs and other wellness resources at Aetna Wellness Programs.