Types of Leave

  • Employees who expect to be absent for more than 5 days for personal or family illness must contact Marsha Stuard and view our page regarding FMLA for additional information that will be required.

    Employees needing to request days off (less than 5 days) would need to submit a Discretionary Leave Request Form to their supervisor for approval. Please review the Discretionary Leave Calendar when requesting days off.

    Please review the 2020-2021 Discretionary Leave Calendar for requesting days off during the upcoming school year.

    All employees who are absent are required to use some type of leave as outlined in the employee handbook.



    1. Questions regarding leave? Please contact the Risk Management Specialist, Marsha Stuard.
    2. Questions regarding payment of insurance premiums? Please contact the Benefits Specialist, Ronda Verron.
    3. Questions regarding payroll and salary continuation? Please contact the Senior Payroll Specialist, Amy Coffman.
    4. Questions regarding Aesop? Please contact the districts Substitute Coordinator, Ritte Bradshaw.