• English II Syllabus
    Mrs. Lang and Mr. Adams

    First, I would like to welcome all of you to our English II class. I am looking forward to working with you this 2018-2019 school year!

    Course Description: Students enrolled in English II continue to increase and refine their communication skills. High school students are expected to plan, draft, and complete written compositions. Students are expected to use elements of text to defend his or her responses and interpretations. Students practice all forms of writing. Oral presentations are also expected. English II students extensively explore world literature through reading selections from multiple genres. Students learn literary forms and literary terms associated with selections read. Students also expand their vocabulary through structural analysis.

    Course Goals:

    ● To provide all students with the skills necessary to read critically and write analytically.

    ● To develop life-long learners who use reading and writing to enhance knowledge about the world in which they live.

    ● To provide each student with the opportunity for academic advancement while obtaining credit in English II and meeting the state-mandated standards as tested through the English Language Arts STARR/EOC test.

    Textbooks & Reading Materials

    ● Holt McDougal Literature Grade 10
    This text is provided by the state, and our textbooks are available online using the code I will provide in class. Teacher-selected pieces of literature will be chosen from the textbook. These selections will cover all genres of literature--short stories, drama, poetry, legends, fiction, and nonfiction. Once students have created a username and password, students and parents will be able to access the textbook on-line as well as tutorial activities and other student resources. Also, a student may check out a textbook if needed.

    ● Anthem by Ayn Rand
    A dystopian novel that features a protagonist that is searching for the truth of his existence and identity in a society where the word “I” does not exist and questions are not allowed. Students will discuss liberty, socialist/communist vs. democracy, and the idea of identity.

    Various poems, short stories, articles, and other texts will be used throughout the course of the year that will promote student literacy and comprehension.

    Required Supplies:
    1 spiral notebook per semester (2 total)
    Loose Leaf Notebook Paper Headphones/earbuds
    Pens (blue, black, red) Pencils
    Highlighters box of kleenex

    Classroom Rules & Expectations:
    1. Be respectful to all.
    2. Listen whenever the teacher is talking.
    3. Be on time and be prepared.
    4. Cell phones put away at all times.
    5. Do your very best every day.
    6. Follow ALL school rules.

    Consequences for Breaking Classroom Rules:
    1. 1st Offense—Warning
    2. 2nd Offense—Parent Contact
    3. 3rd Offense—Office Referral & Parent Contact

    Grading System:
    Six Weeks' Average: Daily grades 40% Test Grades 60%
    Semester Average: Each 9 Weeks' Average Semester Exam
    ● Daily grades consist of homework, class work, journals, and quizzes.
    ● Test grades consist of projects, presentations, processed essays, and unit assessments.


    Neither plagiarism nor cheating will be tolerated.
    Both offenses result in a 0 for the assignment and an office referral.

    Attendance: I cannot stress enough how important it is for students to be present in my class 100% of the time. I realize that illness and emergencies are a part of life, but please remember that every time you are absent you are missing something important—whether it is an actual assignment or a piece of information that will help with a future assignment—and it is THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to make-up all of his or her work missed during the absence.
    Make-Up Work: Students will be given the opportunity to make up work missed during absences & suspensions. It is THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT TO REQUEST AND COMPLETE ANY ASSIGNMENTS OR TESTS MISSED BECAUSE OF ABSENCE. Students may ask a trusted fellow student for their make-up work OR the teacher. MAKE-UP WORK SHOULD NOT BE DISCUSSED DURING CLASS as this is a disruption of class time—it is not fair to those students who weren’t absent. A student MAY DISCUSS MAKE-UP WORK WITH THE TEACHER BEFORE OR AFTER SCHOOL. Per the student handbook, students will be permitted one day for make-up work for each day of absence. If a student knows he/she is going to be absent for 3 or more days, a parent or guardian may contact the counselor prior to their absence for assignments. Students who miss class for an approved school activity are to notify the teacher in advance concerning the possibility of completing the tests/assignments BEFORE the class is missed.
    Tardies: Being tardy to my class is a violation of my classroom rules, and therefore you will be subject to the consequences listed above. Per the student handbook--A student who is tardy to school or to class may be assigned disciplinary action according to the Tardy Policy. The student who is frequently tardy will be subject to further disciplinary action. Car trouble or missing the school bus is not an acceptable excuse for arriving on campus late. A student arriving on campus late must first report to the attendance office.

    Tutorials: Available by appointment (It is best for students to alert the teacher when planning to attend tutorials so that materials are prepared in advance to assist you.) My tutorials schedule is posted both online and in the classroom.

    Late Work: Will be accepted, but you will not receive full credit! The handbook mandates that the Highest grade you can receive on late work is a 70. The work will be graded accordingly.

    Homework: The majority of work is completed in class. While we strive to cover all aspects of the lesson in class, occasionally homework is assigned, especially when the student is unable to finish their work during class. All homework assignments are to be completed independently unless otherwise instructed.

    School Policy: Students must be in dress code at all times (please refer to Student Handbook); Food & Drink are not allowed; If a student violates any of these or other school policies, administration will be notified and a consequence will be given.