Illness and Injury

  • Students who are ill or injured at school must be seen by the nurse. Teachers may choose to handle minor injuries in the classroom. The nurse or principal will notify the parent if the student needs to be sent home and/or if medical attention is necessary.  Students are not permitted to call their parents for release.

    It will be at the nurse's discretion whether or not to return the student to class or to exclude the student from school. School exclusions include, but are not limited to, the following:

    1. A temperature of 100°F or greater
    2. Skin rash of undetermined origin
    3. Draining wound that cannot be adequately covered to prevent spread of possible infection.
    4. Head Lice/Nits
    5. Vomiting/Diarrhea
    6. Injury requiring medical attention

    At the beginning of each school year, a Health Inventory Form will need to be filled out for each student. This form will provide the following information:

    • Medical history and medication information
    • Authorization for school officials to obtain emergency medical treatment as provided by law.
    • Parents are responsible for completing and signing this form as soon as possible. It is imperative that the school have the most current information on file. Parents must contact the school nurse if any of the information should change throughout the school year.                     

    When under the care of a physician due to injury, a letter from the physician is required upon the student’s return to school specifying return to school date and any limitation of activity or restrictions. Once released from the physician’s care, a letter from the physician is required which indicates the student is allowed to return to normal activity.

    To maintain health and wellness, students who feel poorly are asked to remain at home the entire school day. For the student, this allows for rest and faster recuperation. For the staff and students at school, this prevents the spread of illness.