Transfer Criteria

  • A student may be approved for transfer to a district campus outside their designated attendance zone based on the following reasons: 

    • A Full-time District Employee May Request a Transfer for Their Child in Grades K-12.

    • The Student Wishes to Take a Course for High School Credit That Is Not Offered at Their Assigned School.

    • The Ard Committee of a Special Education Student Seeks Placement Due to Educational Need.

    • An out of District Student in Grades 9-12 Meets Attendance, Discipline and Grade Requirements.

    Under strict guidelines, certain students may be eligible for a transfer to a campus other than where they are zoned to attend. Please see guidelines for more information.

    Note: For transfers of students who are victims of bullying, see FDB (LEGAL). For transfers of students who attend a persistently dangerous school, become victims of a violent criminal offense, or become victims of sexual assault, see FDD.  

    New Caney ISD will not provide transportation for transfer students.

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