Energy Management

  • Our district utilizes a microprocessor-based energy management system. The system is designed to control Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and lighting systems and assist in implementing a system-wide energy management and temperature control strategy. This system also allows scheduling, monitoring, and troubleshooting systems in the field from a centrally located room. Although some of our climate control and lighting systems are still controlled by local time clocks and thermostats, more and more of the district is being upgraded to the energy management system.

    Our goal is to maintain 74 degrees temperature as a cooling set point and 68 degrees as a heating set point. These points were set as part of the energy management guidelines that were adopted in May of 2010. Please refer to the Energy Guidelines outlined in the Energy Management Program web site which can be found by going to: Energy Policy and Guidelines

    Air conditioning run time schedules are manipulated in accordance to exterior environmental conditions and energy management guidelines. There are many influences on the temperatures within the buildings and our energy management team is consistently working to keep buildings working efficiently while maintaining a comfortable learning environment for our students.

Energy Management Overview

  • As the Director of Facilities and Energy Management, it is my goal for us to reach our energy savings goals without compromising the comfort of the work environment during occupied hours. Our effort to conserve energy positively affects our budget. Our savings is made possible by the tireless efforts of our professional, custodial and maintenance crews all doing their jobs with energy conservation in mind. I would like to personally thank everyone for doing their part to conserve energy and ultimately preserve the environment for generations to come.