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  • Six ways to make family meals enjoyable

    Posted by Brooke Lee on 10/25/2023 2:10:00 PM

    1. Set aside regular times to eat together

    When you put these times in your weekly schedule, you’re all more likely to be there. You can make this time more special by having your meal at a table with the television and phones switched off.


    2. Reduce the rush

    If you allow around 20-30 minutes for family meals, it gives your children plenty of time to eat. They’ll have the chance to try new foods and develop healthy eating habits. This also gives you time to relax, chat and enjoy your family.


    If you have a toddler who finds it hard to sit still for 20 minutes, it’s OK if they sometimes need to move around in their chair or leave the table. But make sure your toddler eats only when they’re sitting at the table. Young children are more likely to choke if they eat while running around or playing.


    3. Get everyone involved

    Involving your children in choosing and preparing family meals increases the chance that they’ll eat it. It can also help you manage fussy eating and encourage children to try new food.


    Even young children can help with preparing family meals. For example, they can wash fruit and vegetables, or toss salads. They can also help by setting the table.


    Older children and teenagers might enjoy finding new recipes and cooking meals for the family – for example, once a week or fortnight. This shares the responsibility for meal preparation and gives your child the chance to learn to cook.


    4. Use family meals as a chance to talk

    Family meals can be a great way to keep up with what everyone is doing. But sometimes children can find it hard to put their days into words. If this sounds like your child, it can help to ask your child questions that need more than a yes-or-no answer. For example, ‘Tell me one great thing that happened at school today’.


    Another idea might be for everyone to take turns sharing something good and bad about their day. This way your child won’t feel like they’re being put on the spot.


    But if your child really doesn’t want to talk, it’s best not to push too hard or bring up touchy subjects. It’s good for your child just to be with your family and listen to other people talking. The idea is to make mealtimes enjoyable and social.


    5. Focus on enjoying food and eating together

    If you keep mealtime conversations neutral and avoid talking about how much or what food is being eaten, it can reduce the pressure some children feel to eat. This can make mealtimes more relaxed and enjoyable.


    It’s best to avoid saying things like, ‘Wow, well done, you’re eating so much’ or ‘Look at your sister. She’s eating more than you.’ And avoid using food as punishment or bribes. For example, it isn’t a good idea to say, ‘If you eat your broccoli, you can have some ice-cream for dessert’. This can make your child more interested in treats than healthy foods, because it sounds like the broccoli is a chore and the ice-cream is a reward.


    If you want to praise your child for their effort at the table, focus instead on good manners – for example, ‘I can see how hard you’re trying to sit still at the table today’.


    6. Be creative with mealtimes

    When you have the time and opportunity, being creative and having fun with mealtimes can give the whole family something to look forward to. For example, here are ideas to try:

    • Make pancakes for breakfast.

    • Have a picnic at the park, in your backyard or on the lounge room floor.

    • Invite a special guest over for dinner, like a friend, grandparent or neighbour – this can also be a great way of getting to know your older or teenage child’s friends.

    • Create a meal with a theme – for example, food from a country with a language your child is learning at school.

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  • Summer Meal Programs Help Children

    Posted by Brooke Lee on 7/10/2023 9:15:00 AM

    Every summer, no-cost meals are available for children 18 and younger and enrolled students with disabilities up to age 21 in low-income areas. Federally funded Summer Meal Programs make it possible for food banks, schools, and other nonprofits to serve these meals in a supervised and welcoming setting. The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) oversees the federal programs in Texas for sponsors serving meals and encourages families to access this source of good nutrition when school cafeterias are closed for summer.


    On June 1, meal sites will begin opening in communities across Texas. Families have the following three tools they can use from June 1-August 30, to find a meal site:


    • Dial 211 to speak to a live operator
    • Visit for an interactive site locator map
    • Text FOOD to 304-304


    In addition to finding a site, it is important for families to use these tools frequently to confirm dates, times, and get more information about how meals will be served. Families are encouraged to call, text, or go online and connect with meal sites throughout the summer to access healthy meals for young Texans.


    (512) 463-5941

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  • Summer Safety Checklist for Kids

    Posted by Brooke Lee on 6/28/2023 10:45:00 AM

    Summer means lots of kids will be playing outdoors. As always, it's important to keep kids safe while they're having fun. Here are some great tips to keep in mind for kids' safety. Post this safety checklist on your fridge or family bulletin board as a reminder of ways you can keep your kids safe and prevent injuries or accidents from intruding on your family's summer fun.


    • Practice Sun Safety
    • Protect Against Bugs
    • Prevent Dehydration
    • Don't Forget Helmets
    • Follow Food Safety
    • Guard Against Drowning
    • Avoid Trampoline Dangers
    • Warn Kids About Enclosed Spaces
    • Keep Yardwork Safe
    • Safeguard Home Playgrounds

    For more information:

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  • Sweet Summer Reading

    Posted by Brooke Lee on 6/20/2023 1:20:00 PM

    Checkout FREE ebooks and audiobooks via the Sora app. Visit the #ncisd summer reading website for details. #newcaneyreads

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