Bidded Commodities

  • Texas Education Code 44.031 states that any commodity that the district (as a whole) spends in excess of $50,000 per year must be formally bid. This process can be accomplished by the Purchasing Department completing the bid process or by being a member of a cooperative purchasing alliance that bids certain commodities. Below is a list of commodities for which an approved vendor MUST be used.

    Athletic/PE Supplies and Equipment
    Awards /Trophy’s
    Books/Reading Material
    Catering Services
    Concession Supplies
    CTE – Agriculture Supplies
    CTE – Culinary Supplies
    Custodial Equipment & Supplies
    Custom Clothing
    Drill Team Supplies
    Food Service Supplies & Equipment
    Foods – Bakery Products
    Foods – Dairy Products
    Foods – Perishable
    Foods – Staples
    Furniture – Classroom, Cafeteria, Library, Lounge
    Furniture – Office
    Grease Trap Service
    Instructional Supplies (All Sub-Categories; Including Special Education)
    Library Books
    Maintenance Supplies & Equipment - Electrical
    Maintenance Supplies & Equipment – HVAC
    Maintenance Supplies & Equipment – Plumbing
    Medical Supplies; EMT Supplies
    Modular Buildings
    Musical Instruments
    Musical Supplies
    Musical Instrument Repair
    Office Equipment & Supplies
    Paper (Copy)
    Playground Equipment
    Prepared Meals
    Reading Materials

    Staff Development 
    Technology Supplies (All Sub-Categories)
    Toner and Ink
    Trash Disposal
    Vehicles – Bus; Car, Truck, Van, SUV
    Vehicle – Parts & Supplies
    Yearbook Services &Supplies

    In order to build an approved vendor's list the NCISD Purchasing Department has teamed up with several purchasing cooperatives (refer to the link to the left). Certain commodities have been bid by the Purchasing Department. Please see the attached document for a complete list of NCISD bidded commodities and the Board approved vendor(s).