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    It is safe to say that Women's Basketball has come a long way since Dr. Naismith invented the game in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891. Less than a hundred years later, girls basketball players can dunk and play the game with a skill-set that rivals the men's game. The game continues to evolve for women. 


             Letter from Coach Pierre


    Greetings Parents and Student-Athletes,

    I would like to introduce myself as the Head Girls Basketball Coach at Porter High School. It is my pleasure to work with you on the development of your student-athlete, both academically and athletically. It is my duty as a former student-athlete to help student athletes to grow into successful young adults. Though it may be difficult sometimes, I bring experience to help grow the program. It is my intent that all student-athletes will be held accountable in and outside the classroom . All student athletes will learn the importance of teamwork and that every decision, both negative and positive, affects the team as a whole. I will instill sportsmanship in each athlete, and will never sway from morals. My staff and I lead by example, showing that hardwork, discipline, and respect are the foundations of the program.

    In conclusion, I will ensure that student-athletes will be held to the highest standard to develop student athletes for their future after high school. 


                "Outwork Everybody" 



    Attention Parents: If you would like to check your daughter out after an AWAY game, please fill out the form below, 24 to 48 hours prior to the event. She will then submit the form to her coach. 

    Alternate Transportation Consent and Release

    Playing in College

    Players wanting to explore the possibilities of playing sports in college will need to register at the NCAA Eligibility Center



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