• Supply List

    Each student will need to provide the following supplies for themselves and should have these supplies at all times.

    • One zipper pouch to go inside a binder
    • Blue or black ink pens
    • Red ink pen
    • Highlighter
    • Sharpened pencils with eraser
    • Tabbed dividers to go inside a binder
    • 2 dry erase markers for math class
    • Map pencils for geography
    • 2”x2” post it notes (one package)

    Students are also asked to bring a box of tissues for use in the classrooms. Teachers may ask for additional supplies by subject and as the year progresses. College instructors may have additional requirements as well. Students are required to purchase their own supplies for college courses such as poster board, markers, map pencils, Scantrons etc. just as you would in a traditional high school.