• Dress Code

    1.Dockers style dress slacks, kaki colored only, in the appropriate size (NO SKINNY JEANS). Plain brown, black or tan belt required.  Belts may have no ornamental objects, large buckles, or excessive holes. No oversized or baggy pants. No low-rise or fitted-leg pants. "Sagging" is not permitted.
    2.A white, collared, size appropriate shirt (polo or button down) tucked into pants. Students may add a plain white, size-appropriate sweatshirt over the collared shirt. No oversized or baggy shirts. No tightly fitted shirts.
    3.Shirts, pants or sweatshirts may not have any writing.
    4.Shoes must have a closed toe and back (i.e. sneakers or boots). Shoelaces must be either black or white only. Crocs and slippers are NOT permitted.Shoes must remain tied and Velcro straps must remain secured across the shoe and not unstrapped.
    5.All make-up must be kept to a minimum. Only clear nail polish may be worn.
    6.All students should follow good grooming habits and be neat and clean.
    7.Appropriate undergarments must be worn and may not be visible.
    8.Male students must be clean-shaven every day. “Carvings” into haircuts or notches in eyebrows are not permitted.
    9.Sunglasses and head coverings are not permitted.
    10.All tattoos must be covered at all times.
    11.No jewelry or wristwatches may be worn or brought to school.
    12.No purses, backpacks, wallets or wallet chains are permitted.
    13.Hair style and color must be reasonable and not cause undue attention. No "fauxhawks," spiked hair or tails are permitted. Girls must wear their hair straight down, in a bun, or in a ponytail at the back, not off to the sides or top..
    14.Jackets must be put in the closet upon arrival at school.
    15.Students are not allowed to bring more than $20.00 to TLC.
    16.No electronic devices are allowed to be brought into TLC. Any electronic devices brought will be retained until the end of the students’ placement.