• Transportation Staff

Name Position Phone E-mail Address
Josh A. Rice Director of Transportation and Fleet Services (Homeless Transportation Coordinator) 281-577-8680 x1210 jrice@newcaneyisd.org
TBD Secretary, Director of Transportation and Fleet Services 281-577-8680 x1201
Ernest Nelson Assistant Director of Transportation Services 281-577-8680 x1213 enelson@newcaneyisd.org
Barbara Rendon Transportation Behavior Coordinator 281-577-8680 x1211 brendon@newcaneyisd.org
Jessica Bell Area Coordinator (Routing- NCHS Feeder/Middays)- KCMS/NCMS Routes Supervision 281-577-8680 x1203 jbell@newcaneyisd.org
Danny Mealer Area Coordinator (Payroll)- PHS/IECHS Routes Supervision 281-577-8680 x1205 dmealer@newcaneyisd.org
Judy Otto Area Coordinator (Routing- PHS Feeder/Transfers)- WOMS/WFMS Routes Supervision 281-577-8680 x1202 jotto@newcaneyisd.org
Ambar Linton Area Coordinator (Training/Certifications/Shuttles)- NCHS Routes/Coach Supervision 281-577-8680 x1204 alinton@newcaneyisd.org
Georgia Taylor Area Coordinator (Routing-SpEd)- Special Needs Routes Supervision 281-577-8680 x1206 gtaylor@newcaneyisd.org
Patricia Almaraz Area Coordinator (Field Trips)- Sub Drivers and Midday Route Supervision 281-577-8680 x1207 palmaraz@newcaneyisd.org
Billy Taylor Fleet Manager 281-577-8680 x1236 btaylor@newcaneyisd.org
William Steele Parts/Inventory Manager 281-577-8680 x1214 wsteele@newcaneyisd.org
Rodney Ward Lead Mechanic (6a-3p shift) 281-577-8680 x1235 rward@newcaneyisd.org
Larry Maertens Lead Mechanic (3p-12mn shift) 281-577-8680 x1235 lmaertens@newcaneyisd.org
Vonnia Gampher AM Dispatcher (4:45a-1:45p shift) 281-577-8680 x1200 vgampher@newcaneyisd.org
Jamie Zahn PM Dispatcher (9a-6p shift) 281-577-8680 x1209 jzahn@newcaneyisd.org
Rose Wilson Weekend/Split Dispatcher (5:00-8:30 / 2:00-5:30 / Sat 5:00-10:00) 281-577-8680 x1200 or 1209 rwilson@newcaneyisd.org
Joana Blair Administrative Intern 281-577-8680 x1238 jblair@newcaneyisd.org



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