Types of Leave
    The eligibility requirements for each type of leave are different, so not every employee will qualify for the same amount of leave.
    Employees who expect to be absent for more than 5 days for personal or family illness must contact Jessica Morris, jmorris2@newcaneyisd.org.
    The following links explain how policy may provide time off work for these reasons
    1.      Maternity      
    2.      Paternity         
    3.      Adoption        
    4.      Military Duty  
    7.      Sick Bank       
    1. Questions regarding leave to the districts WC/FML/Leave Specialist, Jessica Morris at jmorris2@newcaneyisd.org.
    2. Questions regarding payment of insurance premiums please get with the Benefits Specialist, Ronda Verron at rverron@newcaneyisd.org.
    3. Questions regarding payroll and salary continuation please get with the Senior Payroll Specialist, Amy Coffman at acoffman@newcaneyisd.org.
    4. Questions regarding Aesop please get with the districts Substitute Specialist, Ritte Bradshaw at rbradshaw@newcaneyisd.org.
    All employees who are absent are required to use some type of leave as outlined in the employee handbook.
    Follow the link below to view the districts leave policy.