Girls' Basketball

  • 8th grade A team   8th grade B team

    7th grade A team   7th grade B team

    Basketball: Team sport usually composed of 10-12 players/team. 5-players at a time are allowed on the court at one time. Substitutes remain on the team bench, while parents cheer in the stands.                 

    Try-Out: Players must try-out for this sports. Try-outs will be conducted the 1st 2-days of the school week after the last volleyball match in order to set teams for the 1st game.

    Season:  Starts the middle of November & lasts thru most of February.                                                              

    Practices: Before school at 6:45am & during the class period Monday-Wednesday; during the class period only Thursday & Friday.                                                            

    Games: Four 7-minute quarters for 8th grade & 6-minute quarters for 7th grade constitutes a basketball game. Games are usually played on Thursdays. A school bus will transport players to & from competition sites.                                                                           

    Tournaments: Middle Schools are allowed to attend 2-tournaments. “A” teams will attend 2–tournaments. “B” teams will attend 1-tournament. These tournaments are on Saturdays.                                         

    Meals: Team members will be provided a meal on away competition days.