Football Game Information

    What to Wear on Game Days: 
    Athletes need to wear Slacks/Pants (Khaki or Black) and a Collared Shirt (blue is possible):
    7th Grade:  Game Day attire is on Mondays
    8th Grade:  Game Day attire is on Tuesdays


    Home games only...If you are going to bring your son a meal to the school then you need to have it at the front office by 3:00.
    Away Games: We are providing the athletes with meals. 

    All athletes will ride the bus to the game and will return to the school on the bus.  All athletes must be picked up at Keefer Crossing Middle School.  

    Important Information

    Physicals: Must be turned in before participation in football.  

    Support the Eagles

    Our goal is to provide your student athlete with the best experience possible.  We cannot do this without the support we receive from our dedicated parents.  You can best help out the program by:

    • Donating resources: This will help prevent the spread of disease and bacteria among our team. Your donation is greatly appreciated.
    • 8th Grade Parents: Disinfectant Spray
    • 7th Grade Parents: Dryer Sheets
    • All Athletes need to bring Plastic Bags (Wal-Mart, Kroger, etc.)
    • Check the Football Practice/Game Schedule: Make sure that arrangements are made to drop off or pick up your child for practice and games on time.