Cross Country

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    8th Girls - 2020 District Champions

    7th Girls - 2020 District Champions

    8th Boys - 2020 District Runner-Up


    2021 Cross Country Season

    The first official day of practice will be Tuesday Aug. 10th. Practice time 7am - 8am, Monday through Friday.

    We will meet under the covered area directly behind the school and in front of the field house. Arrive in school appropriate athletic clothes ready to workout. You will not enter the locker room until after the workout.

    2021 Cross Country Meet Schedule


    Questions? Contact Coach Fife -

    To sign up for the Cross Country Remind Group text @2021woxc to the number 81010.

    If anyone has trouble with 81010, they can try texting @2021woxc to (281) 915-1744.

    If you prefer the Remind App the class name is 2021 Warrior XC and the class code is @2021woxc.


    What is Cross Country?

    • Long distance competitive running, training & racing (2 miles or more)
    • Competitive races
      • Junior High race distance = 2 miles
      • Every course is different
        • Trails, woods, flat, hilly, grassy, sandy, muddy
      • Training is very physically demanding
      • Requires strong courage, commitment, discipline & dedication
    • Team
      • 5 – 7 runners make up a team
      • 1st 5 runners earn points for the team based on the place they finish.
        • e. If you finished in 10th place this would give your team 10 points
        • Team with the lowest point total wins.
      • 6th and 7th runners are also counted & used for tie breakers or replacements in case of injury during the race.
        • Every runner is important.


    • Academics – Priority #1
      • Students must be eligible – NO PASS, NO PLAY
      • Students who fail to maintain passing grades on a regular basis will be removed from the team
    • Behavior
      • Athletics is a privilege and athletes are held to a higher standard of behavior.
      • If you are a discipline problem at school, you will be removed from the team.
    • Attendance
      • You must communicate with the coach in person or by email if you miss practice.
      • You must make-up miles/workouts missed before next competition in order to participate.
    • A Cross Country Runner should be…..
      • Courageous, hardworking, tough, committed, competitive, coachable, and a good teammate

    Practice Rules

    • Practice will start on time, with or without you.
    • You must communicate absence with Coach beforehand.
    • If you are ill or injured, see the coach at beginning of practice. Otherwise 100% effort is expected.
    • Mentally prepare for practice by reviewing your goals.
    • Always come to practice in acceptable gear.
    • During fatigue training your encouragement for your teammates is valuable & expected.


    • Shoes – Asics, Nike, Saucony, Brooks, Mizuno
    • Running/Gym Shorts
    • Light colored T-shirt/Dri-fit shirt
    • Extra socks & shoes
    • Water bottle
    • Basic sports watch w/stop watch


    • Texas is extremely hot during the summer. Drink plenty of water (64 oz.) daily. Gatorade is fine but drink mostly water.
    • Avoid caffeine drinks
    • 3 healthy meals (high in carbs) a day, with healthy snacks in between
    • Plenty of sleep (7-8)

    Athletic Physicals

    • Every athlete must have a physical on file with our Athletic Trainer, Leslie Adamik (Coach “A”), in order to participate in practice or competitions.

    Other Sports

    • School Sports
      • Student athletes are encouraged to participate in multiple sports.
      • Cross country takes place during the football and volleyball season.
        • No conflict with football or Volleyball. Every year there are athletes that do both.
        • Communication with both coaches is key
      • Non-school Sports
        • School sports come first
        • Club soccer, softball, basketball
        • Communication with coach about conflicts is crucial


    • Program Goals
      • Build and maintain a respectable, knowledgeable program that kids want to be part of
      • Teach a rich hard work ethic, mental toughness, respect for yourself, teammates and competitors
      • Expand knowledge of the sport throughout the school & build school pride
    • Team/Individual Goals (Each team and individual will set goals at the beginning of the season.)
      • Be mentally tough every day
      • Be the best teammate possible every day
        • Encourage others to do their very best every day
      • Be positive every day
      • Give 100% in practice every day
      • Better your PR and/or team score every race

    Pointers for Parents--- From Training Young Distance Runners by L. Greene & R. Pate

    • Know what motivates your child.
      • How much is he/she inspired by competitive success versus other motives such as health reasons or spending time with teammates? When you truly know what motivates your child, you can tailor your support for the best possible outcomes, mentally & physically.
    • Encourage goal setting.
      • Goals should be specific, measurable, and challenging but achievable through smart & demanding training.
    • Be a role model for mental fitness.
      • Display willpower and dedication in everyday life
      • When you fail to achieve a goal, demonstrate self-confidence & a strong commitment to working harder & smarter to achieve them.
    • Push ’em to safe limits.
      • Pushing your child to their “safe” limits will build mental and physical strength
    • Praise processes and products
      • Praising a young athletes’ work processes & products rather than the athletes themselves will have far more impact on that athlete.

    2020 WOXC Summer Workout Plan

    Before you work out in the summer heat, remember...

    • Drink plenty of fluids (water or sports drinks) throughout the day to stay hydrated, especially in the summer heat.
    • Have water available to you before, during and after your workout.
    • Do not forget to warm-up & stretch before each workout. Stretching afterwards will minimize soreness.
    • Rest and recovery days are just as important as any other workout days.


    • Slow jog 2 laps (1/2 mile)


    • High knees, butt kicks, lunges, Frankensteins, Sumos, karaoke, high knee karaoke, etc.

    Static Stretching

    • Feet Together with Legs Straight
      • Touch toes, right over left, left over right
    • Spread Feet Wide with Legs Straight
      • Stretch to right, left & center
      • Bend right knee and keep left leg straight w/left foot flat on ground (Repeat on left side)
    • Sit down
      • Right leg out, left leg in & reach for ankle pointing toe back at you (Repeat on left side)
      • Butterfly – soles of shoes together & in, knees out, press down on knees with elbows
    • Stretch Against Wall or Pole
      • Hands against wall with toes pointed at wall. Left foot should be closer to wall than right (stretching leg). Stretch right foot first with heal flat on ground. You should feel your calf stretching (Repeat on left side).
      • Next, while keeping your balance on the wall/pole, grab your right foot and pull it up behind you to stretch your right quad (Repeat on left side).

    Guidelines for these Workouts

    • Ease yourself into these workouts if you have not been doing any physical activity. If you jump in too fast and hard you will overwork your body and burn yourself out.
    • Shorten or add to these workouts based on your ability level. If the workout is easy then obviously need to add to it to challenge yourself.
    • If you are working out regularly (3 – 6 times a week), you should do 1 Rest and Recovery workout for every 2 regular workouts. Therefore, the ratio for is 2 workouts: 1 R&R.


    • Intervals – Bursts of high-intensity (faster than race pace) running followed by short time of recovery
      • Run at a hard pace for 1 minute, then rest for 1 – 2 minutes. REPEAT this x8 or more depending on ability.
      • You can change the length of time you run and rest. The rest should be no more than 2 min max.
    • Progressive Run – A long run that builds endurance.
      • Run an out-and-back route of 3-5 miles.
        • 1st half (out) – easy to moderate pace
        • 2nd half (back) – increase your speed throughout this half.
        • Your pace for each mile should be faster than the last.
    • Repeats
      • Run a set distance at a set pace (race pace or slightly slower) followed by rest. Repeat for total distance of 2 – 3 miles.
        • 400m (1 lap or ¼ mile) = rest 30 secs ……………repeat x8 = 2 miles…………x12 = 3 miles
        • 800m (2 laps or ½ mile) = rest 60 secs ……………repeat x4 = 2 miles…………x6 = 3 miles
        • 1600m (4 laps or 1 mile) = rest 2 min ……………repeat x2 = 2 miles…………x3 = 3 miles
    • Fartlek (Swedish translation…...Fart = speed & lek = play)
      • Run for a set amount of time speeding up to a race pace, maintaining that pace, then slowing your pace to an easy jog pace all without stopping your run. You should run for a time of 15 – 60 minutes.
        • 16 min = 2 min race pace & 2 min easy pace (repeat x4 throughout run)
        • 24 min = 3 min race pace & 3 min easy pace (repeat x4 throughout run)
        • 32 min = 4 min race pace & 4 min easy pace (repeat x4 throughout run)
        • 40 min = 5 min race pace & 5 min easy pace (repeat x4 throughout run)
        • 48 min = 6 min race pace & 6 min easy pace (repeat x4 throughout run)
    • Recovery (Easy) Run
      • Maintain a steady easy pace at which you could carry on a conversation during the entire run (30 – 40 min). It should seem slow and not challenging.
      • These runs are very important because they allow your muscles to repair and rebuild.
    • Other Exercises for Runners (with or without dumbbells)
      • Legs – Goblet squats, walking lunges, box jumps, calf raises, box step-ups
      • Abs – Planks, superman, crunches, crunches on side (turn hips), V-ups, bicycles (on back), leg lifts
      • Arms – Walking planks, push-ups, biceps curl, triceps curl


    Contact Information

    To sign up for the Cross Country Remind Group text @2021woxc to the number 81010.

    If anyone has trouble with 81010, they can try texting @2021woxc to (281) 915-1744.

    If you prefer the Remind App the class name is 2021 Warrior XC and the class code is @2021woxc.