Distribution of Non-School Material

  • NCISD Board Policy GKDA allows for the distribution of certain non-school literature in the form of flyers (single page only, front-and-back is acceptable) on school campuses or other district property.  Organizations that wish to submit a flyer for distribution must do so in accordance with Board Policy GKDA and the following procedures.  If a flyer is approved for distribution, it is the responsibility of the requesting organization to provide the school with copies of the flyers. The time, location, and means by which an approved flyer is distributed at the campus is at the discretion of the campus principal. The term “distribution” as used in this procedure generally means placing items in the area designated at each campus for the dissemination of non-school-related materials. If the materials are approved for distribution, the requesting organization must provide the facility with the materials to be distributed, and they will be placed in the designated distribution area. Please contact the school prior to delivering flyers for guidance on delivery. A copy of this signed form must be delivered with each set of flyers you would like placed in the distribution area.