• Pine Valley Jr. FFA Livestock Judging

    What is Livestock Judging?

    Livestock Judging is the evaluation of an animal's characteristics and making a comparison to other animals and the ideal standard of that particular class of animals. After each animal in the class is evaluated, the member ranks the animals from the most desirable to least desirable. There are four animals in a class and anywhere from 7 - 12 classes to judge in a contest. Species that are judged include, but are not limited to, heifers, bulls, gilts, ewes, market steers, market hogs, market lambs, and market goats. Competing in livestock judging not only provides members with an extensive knowledge of livestock characteristics, but gives members the opportunity to build decision making and leadership skills they will need in their future.

    Who can compete?

    Any members of Pine Valley Jr. FFA are welcome to compete on the Jr. Livestock Judging team.

    How many members are on a team?

    Teams are comprised of four members. Members can also judge as individuals.

    Where are contests held?

    We travel to several contests over the course of the school year. Just to name a few, we have traveled to Waller County, Harris County, Katy, Klein, San Antonio, Houston, Navarro County, Matagorda County, and Montgomery County.