Attendance Policy

  • All choir students must attend rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday morning.

    In the event of an absence a parent note or doctors note must be presented to Mrs. Everton the next day the student is in school. All absences are considered unexcused without a note.

    With three unexcused absences a student is placed on probation. Probation means that a student must attend all rehearsals within a three week time period. If during this time a student has an unexcused absence they will be asked to leave choir with the option of rejoining the next semester.

    An exception to this policy is if the student is involved in one other activity. If a student is in Jump Rope or Art Club they must inform both Mrs. Everton and Dr. Ford or Mrs. Ghuneim and the teachers will work out an appropriate schedule. Students may only be in two activities and will have to choose between the three options.