• 2024-25 School Year - Secondary Class Schedule Format

    Beginning in the 2024-25 school year, New Caney ISD secondary schools (grades 6-12) will move from an alternating, block schedule to an eight-period per day schedule format. Each class period will be 45 minutes.

    In the interest of supporting student academic and extracurricular success, the district began exploring schedule options in 2022. A steering committee comprised of school administration, teachers from all curricular areas, athletic coaches, instructional coaches and specialists, and representatives from special education met several times to review options. 

    Several considerations informed the review process including instructional time for students, optimizing human resource allocation, and honoring student curricular options and choices. The steering committee’s recommendation to move to an eight-period per day schedule cited several benefits:  

    • Students attend all classes every day including all core academic courses. An eight-period day equalizes instruction between core curriculum classes and elective courses. A review of TEA comparison school districts revealed that a daily class schedule is most common in the state and that students demonstrate success in this format in all curricular and extracurricular areas.
    • A daily schedule will increase the percentage of teachers’ time spent providing instruction.
    • This format allows the district to better align with the state’s 26-credit graduation requirement, reducing the number of extraneous courses and thereby increasing student engagement and positively impacting student discipline and attendance.  
    • This format creates the potential for smaller class sizes.

    2024-25 School Year - School Start & Dismissal Times

    Also, beginning in the 2024-25 school year, New Caney ISD will set distinct school start and release times for elementary, middle, and high schools. 

    High Schools, 7:45am-3:10pm

    • 7:15 Doors open for students
    • 7:15 Target bus drop-off time
    • 7:35 First Bell
    • 7:45 Tardy Bell
    • 3:10 School day ends

    Middle Schools, 7am-2:25pm

    • 6:30 Doors open for students 
    • 6:30 Target bus drop-off time
    • 6:50 First Bell
    • 7:00 Tardy Bell
    • 2:25 School day ends

    Elementary Schools, 8:30am-3:55pm

    • 7:45 Doors open for car riders
    • 8:00 Bus drop-off time
    • 8:20 First Bell
    • 8:30 Tardy Bell
    • 3:55 School day ends

    A three-tier start/release time format will allow the district to move to a three-tier transportation system which will create more availability of buses, reduce time spent on buses, and reduce the number of students on buses. The new start/release time format will also help minimize out of class time for middle and high school extracurricular students and maximize facility availability for extracurricular programs. 

    Providing high-achieving, student-centered programs that produce graduates who are prepared to be contributing members of our community is a priority goal for New Caney ISD and the Board of Trustees. As a dynamic, growing school district, we will continue to strive to improve the educational opportunities and experiences for our students and families.