Legislative Priorities 2023

  • Committed to meeting the needs of our community, New Caney ISD has identified legislative priorities for consideration by the Texas Legislature that align with the priority goals of the Board of Trustees. The legislative priorities were developed by the New Caney ISD Board of Trustees Legislative Affairs Committee, which began meeting during the 2021-22 school year to discuss how government action impacts the school district. The committee was tasked with exploring issues that could be considered by state lawmakers in the next legislative session, as well as areas where action by the state could help New Caney ISD better serve students and the community. The four major areas addressed by the legislative priorities are school safety and security, teaching and learning, staff recruitment and retention, and fast growth student enrollment.

    School Safety and Security

    New Caney ISD supports protecting and enhancing funding for the school safety allotment and providing local flexibility to ensure school districts can adequately meet student and staff safety needs.

    Teaching and Learning

    New Caney ISD supports appropriate state accountability for the implementation of effective, locally designed initiatives that respect the professionalism of educators and account for the needs of students. The Texas Legislature should consider:

    • Reducing the significant logistical burdens placed upon students, teachers, and campus administrators associated with HB 4545:
      • Alter the 3:1 teacher-to-student ratio requirement.
      • Allow for more local discretion regarding the number of tutoring hours necessary for each student.
    • Fully funding full-day prekindergarten services through the foundation school program  
    • Protecting and expanding opportunities available to school districts designated as Districts of Innovation

    Staff Recruitment and Retention

    New Caney ISD supports measures and incentives that facilitate adequate school district staffing in all areas and contribute to increasing the rate at which prospective teachers become certified. The Texas Legislature should consider:

    • Allowing school districts greater governing authority to issue local school district teaching permits (SDTPs) to address teacher shortages
    • Removing restrictions regarding the use of TRS retirees to allow districts to address staff shortages by employing retirees without financial penalty
    • Allowing school districts more flexibility to hire teachers who are in the process of passing certification programs
    • Removing inhibitive waiting periods and limits regarding certification testing for prospective teachers currently required by the State Board for Educator Certification

    Fast Growth Student Enrollment

    New Caney ISD supports legislative solutions that help fast-growth communities manage the financial and structural demands of rapidly growing student enrollment. The Texas Legislature should consider:

    • Increasing the capacity of the Fast Growth Allotment to address enrollment growth and reduce proration
    • Providing additional funding for measures that provide relief for fast-growth school districts, including the:
      • Instructional Facilities Allotment
      • New Instructional Facilities Allotment
      • Existing Debt Allotment
    • Clarifying requirements for public notice and disclosures related to bond referenda and the local tax implications of the bond issuance process

    Legislative Priorities