Join New Caney ISD and Support Camp Hope 
    Battle Line on 59 Logo Join New Caney ISD for the Battle Line on 59, Nov. 9, at Texan Drive Stadium, and show support for Camp Hope of Houston and the PTSD Foundation of America. Camp Hope's mission is to bring help and healing to Veterans and family members dealing with post traumatic stress. 
    How can you help?
    1. Donate at the game - JROTC members from both schools will be available at the gates of Texan Drive Stadium.
    2. Donate right now - Donate directly to the PTSD Foundation of America by clicking on the link below. 
    3. Purchase a Battle Line Camp Hope shirt - Shirts can be purchased the week of the game at either New Caney High School or Porter High School. Limited availabilty.
    4. Learn more about PTSD - One in three returning troops are diagnosed with PTSD (PTSD Foundation of America).  
  • Your support helps Camp Hope provide Veterans with coping skills, leadership development, counseling, support groups, job placement, family member support groups, interim housing, combat trauma mentors and much more. For more information about Camp Hope, visit Camp Hope - Houston or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
    PTSD Facts
    • One in three returning troops are being diagnosed with PTSD.
    • PTSD and depression are the most common mental health problems facing troops today.
    • On average, five active-duty troops attempt suicide each day.
    • It is estimated that over 20 Veterans take their own lives each day.
    • About 30% of service members who spent time in war zones experience PTSD.
    • Approximately 20% of Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars (Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom) have been diagnosed with PTSD. 
    • Symptoms of PTSD include: difficulty concentrating, lack of interest/apathy, feelings of detachment, loss of appetite, hypervigilance, exaggerated startle response, and sleep disturbances 
    • Houston is the second largest Veterans community in the U.S.